Our Values


For H.DUE.O and BARBARA VEE values and ethical principlesare important. We believe that the identity of a brand is also outlined through the respect of a set of values that must be pursued over time.

The design and quality of everyday objects serve to improve people’s lives, therefore the concept of social responsibility is achieved first of all by carrying out our characteristic activity with care and passion: creating products that are good for people, enhancing the work of people, conceiving products which combine sustainability and aesthetic value at a democratic price.

For the realization of their products H.DUE.O and BARBARA VEE consider as essential the principles of safeguarding the dignity of workers and the respect of the laws protecting child labor.

H.DUE.O for H2O

In the heart of Western Africa, in the region of Sahel where weather conditions force a life of extreme poverty, even water becomes a precious and necessary element.

For this reason H.DUE.O, even for a destiny embedded in the brand itself, is contributing since several years to the humanitarian project aiming at the realization of weels for drinking water in Burkina Faso.

Every little gesture makes life great. Remember we need your help too.

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