H.DUE.O Philosophy


H.TWO.O much more than just a Brand. Actually a story that starting from a "vision" tells through its "objects" innovation, experimentation and mastery of design.

H.DUE.O has revolutionized the way we look at rain, creating true Collections that stand as a unique vanguard in the industry, becoming, over the years, an active part of that universally recognizedItalian Life Style. A true "rain concept" that identifies H.DUE.O world as an interpreter of contemporaneity and promoter of trends.

Collections designed for those seeking theluxury umbrella par excellence, in which high quality and advanced technology meet unmistakable details and refined finishes: unique pieces with exclusive design that transform the umbrella into a chosen and sought-after accessory, into emotion of a collector's item, into a valuable complement with excellent performance and that will stand out.
To create and design with passion and experience, this is the daily inspiration of our operation, always imagining "beyond," as stated in the brand name H.DUE.O - OLTRE L'OMBRELLO.


H.DUE.O concept store is designed and conceived to get out of the stress of everyday life and enter a "palette" of colors and patterns where character, contemporaneity and style lead those who cross its threshold to a unique and unforgettable experience.

Design as a "leitmotif" to create a strong Brand identity and confirm consistency but above all the strength of recognizability through a coordinated image, where all components proceed in tune.

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