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Research has always been for H.DUE.O the basis on which to operate thinking of its products in a modern and futuristic key.
Through a process of continuous experimentation we have been able to interpret and often anticipate the changing evolutions of the market. The research moves in different fields, from frame technology to printing systems, from the quality of fabrics to waterproofing systems.

Over the years excellence and innovation have become the hallmark of H.DUE.O: the use of aluminum in combination with plastic fibers make it possible to obtain a range of ultralight products,
where extreme lightness becomes a determining factor for the manageability of a product of high level.
Furthermore, the use of particular plastic fibers allows us to overcome all the tests inherent in “windproof resistant”, so as to obtain in our frames a qualitative target of excellence also on wind resistance.

The synthesis of all our research and experimentation work are perfectly developed in the automatic and open / close lines, where the most modern materials
and the most advanced technologies are perfectly and expertly combined to obtain the highest quality expression of the umbrella world.

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