H.DUE.O much more than just a simple Brand.  Actually a story starting from a “vision” to talk about innovation, experimentation and design masterpieces through its “objects”.

H.DUE.O changed the way of looking at rain by creating authentic collections recognised as unique avant-garde of its industry and becoming a promoter of the universally recognised “Italian Life Style”.

A real “rain concept” that identifies the H.DUE.O world as a contemporary interpreter and trend setter.

The Collections are created for those looking for the luxury umbrella by excellence, in which high quality and advanced technology meet unique details and refined finishes: special pieces with exclusive design turning the umbrella into a selected and sophisticated accessory, an emotional object to collect capable to surprising even for its excellent performance.

“Create to innovate, create to excite, create what was missing…” this is the daily inspiration of our mind that, starting from the creation of the brand and the name H.DUE.O – BEYOND THE UMBRELLA, already imagined that go “beyond”.


H.DUE.O Concept Store has been created and designed to get out of the stress of everyday life and enter a “palette” of colors and patterns where character, modernity and style lead customers to a unique and unforgettable experience.

Design as a “leitmotiv” to create a strong brand identity and to confirm consistency but, mainly, the strength of recognizability through a well coordinated image where all components proceed in harmony.

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