Is my product under warranty?
All H.DUE.O products are under warranty against manufacturing defects, first certificate of quality. Product warranty begins from the date of purchase, which can be found on the invoice.
The warranty period of the product is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase evidenced on the invoice.

What does the product warranty cover?
The commercial warranty applies only to new products sold in the online store www.hdueo.com. Although H.DUE.O AND BARBARA VEE products are made according to high quality standards and with the best quality materials, they are not indestructible. The commercial warranty covers apparent manufacturing defects that may interfere with normal use of the product as described below:
– warranty covers replacement of defective parts.
The warranty does not cover
– Accidents caused by external damage such as dropping, shock, fire, moisture or excessive heat, liquid impregnation, theft, misuse or modification of the product, or normal wear and tear are not covered by warranty, nor are voluntary damages caused by the user damage caused by mistreatment, accidents, abrasion, solvents, wear and tear, and damage caused by carriers.

What procedure should I follow to activate the Warranty?

During the warranty period, if any material and/or manufacturing defects become apparent, the damaged item may be returned. Before submitting the item, you must fill out the appropriate form under Customer Service. This request must mandatorily be accompanied by the date of purchase and order number. Returns sent directly will not be accepted if they lack an authorization number issued directly by the Company.

The product I want to purchase is no longer available, what should I do?
If you cannot find the product you want to purchase on our online store or if it is no longer in stock, please contact our customer service department by e-mail by filling out the form provided under Customer Service.
The stock is updated continuously, please feel free to come back and check the site for availability regularly.

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