Brand Philosophy


H.DUE.O is much more than just a brand … in actual fact it is a story that begins from a “vision” and continues through its “objects”, which are never simple consumer products but innovations, experimentations and design masterpieces.

H.DUE.O changes the way of looking at the rain and, through its Collections, develops a real “rain concept” that identifies the H.DUE.O world as a contemporary interpreter.

The “thinking out of the ordinary”, the transformation of an object through a wide and multiform vision, the obsessive attention to details, the technological know-how, place H.DUE.O as the unique avant-garde of the sector, helping to promote that “Italian life style “universally recognized.

“Create to innovate, create to excite, create what was missing …” this is the daily inspiration of our creativity which aims to look beyond, as it is reported by the name H.DUE.O – BEYOND THE UMBRELLA.


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